Founded in 1998 as a tannery, Erdoğan Deri started to produce footwear and leather garments in the process. Today, as a distinctive and innovative face of the leather & fur industry, Is continuing to work as a reliable and strong leather & fur supplier of domestic & foreign customers in its 10.000 square meter integrated leather & fur factory in Çorlu, with a staff of 100 people and advanced technology machinery.     Also, in the central building in Yenibosna; Leather garments and footwear is an exporting leather company that engages in ARGE work and production. activities are carried out from the Yenibosna central building of Erdoğan Deri and there is a factory sales shop on the entrance floor of the building.     Erdoğan Deri Corlu factory; Leather and fur production for many different sectors such as apparel & textile sector, footwear sector, automotive and paint industry are being made. As these furs are offered directly to the customers in both domestic and foreign markets, Fur jackets and fur boots are also produced in all design and production processes in the direction of requests. The ARGE works and the products that our customers demand, the best of their field, are supplied with our expert team quickly and in good quality.       All raw raw materials coming to be processed to my plate are selected by our expert team in the countries where they are imported and quality control is carried out.    In all our business processes, we refine all our residues, avoiding harmful operations to human health and nature. We regularly apply Formaldehyde, AZO and Chromium Tests to our products. All Erdoğan Leather employees; Energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness are our first priorities.


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