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  • Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Foot Stroller MDK023 Natural
  • Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Foot Stroller MDK023 Natural

Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Foot Stroller MDK023 Natural

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Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Foot Stroller MDK023 Natural
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Medical sheep skin foot stroller measures 35x32 cm. The product base height is 12 cm and height is 31 Cm.

• Medical sheepskin foot stroller is made from natural sheepskin, especially designed for cold winter days, to warm your cold feet and to relieve tiredness of your feet. 

• You can use this product with peace of mind while relaxing in your home. You would feel the effect of soft sheepskin wool covering inside your feet, calming and relaxing from fatigue wich accumulated from a day. 

• Due to the fiber structure millions of wools on surface of a medical sheepskin, they play an important role in neutralizing the electricity, accelerating blood circulation and regulating nervous system with conductivity wich formed by friction between wools. 

• From the prevention of formation pressure sores, till burnout syndrome treatment; from development of premature babies to improving the life quality of babies and regulation of sleep disorders, you can use medical sheepskin in each area of your life, with peace of mind.

• Our medical sheepskin products; are being carefully selected from the precious merino’s skins which grazing in wide green pastures of Australia. Medical sheepskins; were tanned by using materials that are completely harmless to human health and nature (especially mimosa tree extract) and made to be used in daily life.

• Extremely moisturized skin, facilitates formation of wound. Wool is hydrophilic. Wool can hold water vapor up to 1/3 of its weight without feeling wet. In this way, one of the most important principles in preventing pressure sores is to keep the skin moist without being wet. 

• Medical sheepskin absorbes moisture and prevents sweating. By this way, diseases caused by sweating are being prevented. Because of this feature, it can be used by everyone from 7 till to 70 old, during any season. 

• Medical sheepskin products do not give color, because tecnically do not contain any dyestuffs. İn producting process we use only natural substances, we give color to a sheepskin with using of egg yolk. Since they are not being a nutrient for bacteries, physically they can not multiply in a medical sheepskin. 

• Hygienic, suitable for hand and machine washing. The washed sheepskin, should be sharped by shaking or pulling  by hand. After removing of water should be hang in natural environment outdoor and should not be left under direct sunlight or any heat recourses.

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