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  • Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Car Seat Cushion MDK016 Natural

Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Car Seat Cushion MDK016 Natural

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Sheppy Care Medical Sheepskin Car Seat Cushion MDK016 Natural
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Your trips will be enjoyable with medical sheepskin cushion, which keeps your body dry in summer and warm in winter. You will travel peacefully and safely!

Material : Genuine Medical Sheepskin
Wool Length : 2,5 cm
Product Dimensions : 135 cm (height) 52 cm (width)

It can be easily mounted to all car seats, thanks to connecting tires on back. 

• Providing comfortable and healthy support from leg to head, this medical sheepskin car seat cushion,  will turn your every moment of journey into a different pleasure! 

• Medical sheepskin is produced from top quality merino sheepskins wich habits in Australia, by using natural tanning method wich being harmless to environment and for human health. It is produced to have regular and long-term contact with your skin during your drive.  

• Sheepy Care medical sheepskin car seat cushion; keeps your sweating legs and shoulders dry in summer, warm in winter. Wool is a hydrophilic product due to its natural structure. Thanks to this feature, it can hold moisture and sweat within fibers, up to 30% of its own weight, without creating a feeling of wetness. Creates a micro-climate environment that is less suitable for multiply bacteries and fungi. Thus, prevents sweating diseases and can be used both in summer and winter.

• Medical sheepskin is odorless and does not gives color, because no dyestuff is being used during processing. It is antimicrobial. The natural fiber structure of wool; reduces the possibility of reproduction bacteries and fungi and provides an improved mechanism against them. The cuticle layer of the wool makes the fiber surface uneven, thus making it difficult for microbes to stay on fiber.

• Medical sheepskin is not allergic. It is durable, long- term usable and, above all, being a recyclable organic product.

• Provides comfortable and healthful driving with its ergonomical structure. You will drive enjoyable, thanks to silky soft merino wools. 

• If you want comfortable driving experience, as drivers living in USA, Canada and especially in Europe, prefer this Sheepy Care genuine sheepshin car cushion, wich being manufactured in Turkey and exporting to all over the World. 

• It is simple to clean medical sheepskin. You can wash in machine 30 degrees at delicate setting or by hand washing. After wash, allow to dry on its own without exposing to sunlight or to another kind of heat source. After drying process you can comb the wool with a brush. You should only use wool shampoo for wash. You can use a damp cloth for light and easy stains. We recommend that, regularly ventilate your medical sheepskin.

• By the expert crew of Erdogan Deri; carefully selected from top quality Australian merino's sheepskin, wich processed with modern methods in tanneries located in Turkey. During tanning process, no any harmful materials to human body and environment used. Turning into a hand-crafted variety products from sheepskin, wich are exporting to many countries of the world from Turkey. 

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