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Home Page Sheepy Care MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN Healthy Life Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural
  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural
  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural
  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural
  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural

Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural

Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Praying Rug MDK019 Natural
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You can perform your prays in peace on this healthy and silky medical sheepskin!
Material : Genuine Medical Sheepskin
Wool Length : 2,5 cm
Dimension : 65 cm * 130 cm
• Medical sheepskin is produced from Australian merino sheepskins using natural tanning method that is harmless to nature and human health. Organic, hygienic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Suitable for regular and long-term skin contact. The prayer rug was obtained by stitching medical sheepskins and lining the back of the sheepskin with fabric. There is an area for rosary on it. 
• Useful and portable. You can easily carry to any environment, wherever you go. As you can buy it for yourself, you can also give as a present to your family elders. It would be the most meaningful gift for your prayerful dears. 
• With its silky soft wools, you won’t feel the hard ground. Heals the irritation and redness on your body after rubbing and contact with lanonin wool fibers. Lanolin is a kind of beneficial wool oil which frequently being used in cosmetic industry.
• Contributes significantly to the healing of joint pain. During worship, it takes a shape of body and ragulates the blood flow. Difficult live conditions and stress of a modern life, cause muscular contraction and chronical joint pain. If you can’t solve these, health problems could reach till occurence of burnout syndrome (fibromyalgia). You can find the most natural way to solve these problems, with the relaxing effect of medical sheepskin. Medical sheep skins have been scientifically proven to provide significant improvement in people with burnout syndrome (fibromyalgia). In scientific study, there was observed that the pain score of fibromyalgia patients using woolen bedspreads and pillows decreased by 70% and their sensitivity points decreased by 51%.*
• Medical sheepskin absorbs static electricity from friction and prevents sudden and electric shock. It neutralizes the negative electricity of your body. In this way, you can worship peacefully. 
• The color of medical sheepskin is yellow because of natural materials that used on its production. It does not contain any dyestuffs. Wool is odorless and prevents the formation of unwanted odors. May shed a trace amount of wool during usage, but you may not even notice it. Natural sheepskins are hypoallergenic because it does not itch or make allergies. 
• Medical sheepskins are very easy to clean. You can wash in washing machine in delicate setting at 30 degrees or you may wash it manually by hand. After washing, allow it to dry at room temperature without exposing it to direct sunlight or to any heat source. After dry, you can comb wools with a brush. Use non-bleaching wool shampoo for washing. You can use a damp cloth for light and easy stains. We recommend that you ventilate the medical sheepskin regularly.
INFORMATION: Our products are manufactured by shearling and leather, which are side-products of sheeps and cows raised for food industry. These animals are not bred for their fur or leather. In addition, since leather is an organic product, it has less impact on our environment and genuine leather is much healthier than artificial leather.

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