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  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Knee Protector MDK010  Natural
  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Knee Protector MDK010  Natural

Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Knee Protector MDK010 Natural

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Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Knee Protector MDK010 Natural
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Medical sheepskin knee bandage, naturally treats rheumatism and joint pain! Prevents knee from pains caused by weather changes and keeps your knee cool in summer, warm in winter. It protects your knee from external factors through its soft merino wool. Thanks to the knee bandage, you will step the ground more firmly!

Material : Genuine Medical Sheepskin
Wool Length : 1,5 cm
Product Property : You can easily attach it to your knee with the flexible lashing tires of the medical sheepskin knee bandage. The ergonomic design of the product is suitable for mobility of the knee area.

• Medical sheepskin is produced by processing carefully selected from Australian merino sheepskins with a special formula that is harmless to nature and human health. Organic, hygienic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Produced for regular and long-term contact with your knee.

• You can use medical sheepskin knee bandage to prevent joint pains and rheumatism in your daily life or to prevent knee pains caused by weather changes. Knee bandage protects your knee from external factors and allows you step firmly to the ground.

• You can easily bind and take out the knee bandage. It wraps your knee ergonomically thanks to its short and soft wools. You can tighten and loosen as you wish thanks to flexible tying tires. You can easily use it in any environment in your daily life, during working or sleeping. We recommend direct contact with your skin. You can use it under your clothes. 

• Lanolin, wich naturally found in wool, is good for your skin. Helps to heal redness and irritation of your skin. Lanolin is a kind of valuable oil that is frequently used in cosmetic industry.

• Sheepskin, regulates your body temperature with exceptional breathability. The merino wool has hollow fibers that increase air flow. This feature allows your waist to stay warm without overheating.

• Medical sheepskin knee bandage, absorbs static electricity from friction and neutralizing negative electricity generated on your body.

• Natural wools are able to keep moisture and water in 33% of their own weight, without feeling wet. This feature keeps your waist dry in summer and warm in winter. So you will not feel wet during usage, you will not get cold from your waist and you will not get sick easily.

• The color of the medical sheepskin knee protector is yellow, because of the natural materials used during the production process. It does not contain any dyestuffs. Wool is odorless and prevents the formation of unwanted odors. Trace amount of wool may shed during usage.

• Medical sheepskins are very easy to clean. You can wash in machine at delicate setting in 30 degrees or by handwash. After washing, remove the water and allow it to dry on its own without exposing it to direct sunlight or heat source. After drying, you can comb the wool with brush. You should only use wool shampoo for washing. Never use detergents or bleach. You can use a damp cloth for light and easy stains. We recommend that you ventilate the medical sheepskin regularly. 

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