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  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Hungberry MDK022 Natural

Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Hungberry MDK022 Natural

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You would saftely and tirelessly carry your baby with this hangberry, wich keeps dry in summer and warm in winter. You can enjoy the day while your baby traveling in peace and healthy.

Material : Genuine Medical Sheepskin
Wool Length : 2,5 cm 
Term of Usage :  Can be used from birth until 9 months.

Supports safaly usage with shoulder strap and waist. It is extremely healthy and comfortable thanks to its ergonomic design and medical sheepskin surrounded interior.

• You can use your baby's face towards you (ideal until 6 months) or facing out (ideal after 6 months). With soft and padded shoulder straps are adjustable to maximum comfort for parents. Buckles have secure locking system.

• Medical sheepskin is obtained from premium quality merino sheepskins, wich habits in Australia by harmless tanning method for environment and human health. It is produced for long-term contact with your baby's smooth skin. Your baby will enjoy touching the soft wool of medical sheepskin.

• Sheepy Care medical sheepskin hungyberry; Keeps your baby's shoulder dry in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Wool is a product that hold water into, due to its natural fiber structure.

• Thanks to this feature, it can hold moisture and water up to 3/1 of its own weight without feeling of wetness, and creates a micro-climate environment that cannot accommodate bacteries and other pests. Thus, sweating-induced illnesses are been prevented and can be used in all weather conditions regardless of hot or cold condition.

• Medical sheepskin is odorless and does not discolor because no dyes are used during processing. It is antimicrobial. The natural structure of wool; is decreases of reproduction of bacteries and fungi. The cuticle layer is of an uneven shape and therefore, it becomes more difficult to stay of microbes on fibers.

• Medical sheepskin is not allergic. It is a long-termed, durable and, above all, being recyclable organic product.

• According to a study of Dr. Stephen Scott and other experts wich has done at the Cambridge University; when premature babies are laid on sheepskin immediately after birth, has been shown that they gain weight faster than other premature babies lying in cotton or artificial fiber products. In addition, dr. Scott stated that babies growing on sheepskin were calmer.*

• According to a study conducted by the German research group and presented at the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS); It was proven that babies, who were cared for in sheepskin during the first 3 months after a birth, were less likely to develop asthma or allergies later in life. **

• If you want like European, including American and Canadian mothers, that your child’s happy growth in a healthy manner, prefer Sheepy Care medical sheepskin infant’s hungyberry, wich has produced in Turkey and being exported to all over the world. 

• Medical sheepskins are very simple to clean. You can wash in machine 30 degrees at delicate setting or by hand washing. After wash, allow to dry on its own without exposing to sunlight or to another kind of heat source. After drying process you can comb the wool with a brush. You should only use wool shampoo for wash. You can use a damp cloth for light and easy stains. We recommend that, regularly ventilate your medical sheepskin.

* https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(83)90990-X/fulltext

** http://www.europeanlung.org/en/news-and-events/media-centre/press-releases/sleeping-on-animal-fur-in-infancy-found-to-reduce-risk-of-asthma

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