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  • Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Bed Cover MDK015 Natural

Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Bed Cover MDK015 Natural

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Sheepy Care Medical Sheepskin Bed Cover MDK015 Natural
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To reach for more comfortable and quality life, use medical sheepskin bed cover. Take advantage from numerous benefits of a sheepskin, that has been used for protection and health since from ancient age. 

Material: Genuine Medical Sheepskin 
Wool Lenth: 2,5 cm
Product Dimension: 200 cm (height) 200 cm (width)

• Medical sheepskin is obtained from merino’s sheepskin, wich inhabit in Australia, by using natural materials that are harmless to the environment and human health. It has organic, hygienic, antibacterial and hypoallergenic features. Produced for regular and long lasting skin contact. It was obtained by joining medical sheepskins and lining back with fabric. Medical sheepskin, specially designed for totally contact with wool, from head to hill of a person that lieing on. 

• Ideal for large sized beds. Easy to carry and portable.

• Significantly reduces joint pains. Difficult life conditions and stress of modern life can cause muscle contraction and chronic joint pains. Provides a comfortable sleep experience by relaxing your muscles. If you you will not find a solution to these kind of problems, may cause health problems even to burnout syndrome (fibromyalgia). You can find a natural way to solve these problems, by relaxing effect of medical pelt. It has been scientifically proven that, medical sheepskin improve sleep comfort as well as a significant healing burnout syndrome (fibromyalgia). In this based study, it was observed that the pain score of fibromyalgia patients using woolen bed covers and pillows decreased by 70% and their sensitivity points decreased to 51% percents. 

•  Medical sheepskin absorbs static electricity from friction to prevent sudden shock. Neutralizes the negative electricity in your body. In this way, you will have a more balanced and happy life.

• Lanolin, that naturally contains in wool, is being beneficial substance to your skin. Lanolin is frequently used for skin care products in the cosmetic industry. Helps to improve healing redness and irritation of a skin. Soft wool does not make itch and being hypoallergenic. 

• Sheepskin wool is soft and flexible. In this way, takes the shape of body, regulates healthy blood circulation. Provides a sound sleeping comfort. 

• Thanks to the extraordinary breathability of sheepskin, with hollow fibers that ensure air flow permanenly, regulates the body temperature. By this way, keeps your skin warm in regular temperature, without overheating.

• Natural wools absorb up to 33% of their weight moisture and sweat, and still staying wet. In this way, you will not feel wet even if you sweat during sleep, you will wake up peppy to the day and will not get sick easily caused from sweating. Wool has an ability absorbing water; Your body would stay dry in summer and warm in winter. 

• Color of medical sheepskin pelt is yellow, because of the natural materials used during production process. It does not contain any dyes or color transmitter matterials. Wool is odorless and prevents the formation of bad odors. It may shed a few wool during usage, but it is even unnoticeable, because in at least amount. 

• One of the important feature of medical sheepskin; 100% effective in prevention of  formation of pressure sores. Bed sores may be developed on shoulder and feet of bed-depended inpatients. For the prevention of pressure sores, although the solution that, as  known by doctors is the air beds; in the research conducted by Dr. Sezgi Chinar and Specialist Nurse Nilay Sagnak has been proved, that medical sheepskins are more effective than air beds. İn result part of a research, none of the patients who were hospitalized on sheepskin had pressure sores, it was reported that 30% of patients who used air beds and whose hospitalization positions were changed regularly, has seen developed the pressure sores. In addition, the researchers said, “Sheepskin application, can be said that 100% effective in preventing bed sores by preventing friction, irritation and allowing the skin to breathe in bed-dependent patients.” 

• Medical sheepskins are very simple to clean. You can wash in machine 30 degrees at delicate setting or by hand washing. Afer wash, allow to dry on its own without exposing to sunlight or to another kind of heat source. After drying process you can comb the wool with a brush. You should only use wool shampoo for wash. You can use a damp cloth for light and easy stains. We recommend that, regularly ventilate your medical sheepskin.


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