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  • Sheepy Care Arm Bandage From Medical Sheepskin Natural

Sheepy Care Arm Bandage From Medical Sheepskin Natural

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Sheepy Care Arm Bandage From Medical Sheepskin Natural
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Useful properties of goods from genuine sheepskin

Arm bandage made of genuine sheepskin is able to protect from external factors and absorb excess moisture. Sheepskin regulates blood pressure in the arm area, prevents joint pain and rheumatism. 

You can use sheepskin arm bandage to prevent rheumatism or to treat injures. With the help of a shoulder strap, you can easily hold your injured arm at chest level, thereby preventing pressure wounds which are caused by the weight of the arm.

Medical sheepskin provides good air circulation, so that you will not feel discomfort when using this item. Such material is unfavorable for bacteria, should be processed without the use of colorants, and therefore doen't change color and has no odor.

Cleaning and care

Washing products from medical sheepskin can be carried out both manually and with the help of washing mashine. Remember that the water temperature in such cases should not be more than 30 degrees, and you can wash clothes using only a special shampoo for wool with neutral level of PH.

Drying goods from medical sheepskin should be carried out away from electrical items, heaters and direct sources of sunlight. Product can be dried at room temperature in a place with good air circulation. After drying, comb the sheepskin rug with the help of special metal comb.


Goods for health available on our website are made of medical sheepskkin. However, if you want to buy sheepskin in other places, make sure that it doesn't contain such raw materials as chrome and heavy metals. Sheepskin for medical purposes should be tanned exclusively with the help of "medical" methods.
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