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  • Bed-Spread From Medical Sheepskin Natural

Bed-Spread From Medical Sheepskin Natural

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Bed-Spread From Medical Sheepskin Natural
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Product information:
Material: Genuine sheepskin
Product dimensions: 90 x 180 cm

Useful properties of genuine sheepskin

Medical sheepskin is the best natural material for your health. Made of genuine wool of Merino sheep, which graze on green meadows in Australia, product have a wide range of useful properties.

Medical sheepskin promotes comfortable sleep, which will let you to wake up happy and full of energy every day. Also, made of genuine sheepskin products improve blood circulation and take care of the nervous system. It is also known that medical sheepskin can absorb excess moisture, that will give you an opportunity to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant sleep.

Medical sheepskin is indispensable for bed patients, as this is an effective tool for bedsores prevention and treatment. Providing with air circulation and absorbing excess moisture, this material prevents friction between the surface of bed and the skin of a patient.


When made of sheepskin products are being processing, manufacturer use various chemicals and colourants, and therefore material loses its useful properties. Sheepskin from Derimarket.net store doesn't contain substances, which are harmful to human's health.

Remember that the use of non-medical products for health properties can be detrimental for health. Be extremely attentive and be sure that the goods you buy can be used for medical purposes.

Cleaning and care

Washing products from medical sheepskin can be carried out both manually and with the help of washing mashine. Remember that the water temperature in such cases should not be more than 30 degrees, and you can wash clothes using only a special shampoo for wool with neutral level of PH.

Drying goods from medical sheepskin should be carried out away from electrical items, heaters and direct sources of sunlight. Product can be dried at room temperature in a place with good air circulation. After drying, comb the sheepskin rug with the help of special metal comb.

Erdogan Deri medical sheepskin

Available on Derimarket.net website medical sheepskin products produced by Erdogan Deri. All products of this brand are produced by a team of professional staff, they are environmentally safe and can be used for medical purposes.

Consult your doctor before using sheepskin products for medical purposes.
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