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Our story is the story of our profound love for leather... Our story is of a small beginning, a journey that reaches across the globe. Taking its first steps back in 1998 as a small tannery, Erdogan Deri continues its journey today with an environment-friendly and highly technological tannery and fur sewing workshop located on an area of 5,000 m².


As the reliable and strong fur supplier of worldwide known fashion brands, we provide top quality service with our expert production staff of 150 persons, cutting-edge technology machinery facility and our many years of experience.


All the furs processed at our tannery are fleece. We tan the fleece, by-product of sheep raised on farms. These sheep are not raised for their fur or skin.


  • The facility was founded in 1998.
  • It has an ecological and technological fur factory of 5,000 m².
  • It has a fur sewing workshop with its specialized teams and masters.
  • We are a reliable and long-term fur supplier of producing companies in different sectors, particularly world-famous fashion brands.
  • The facility has an annual 350.000 – 400.000 fleece production capacity.
  • 90% of production is exported across the world from America to Far East.
  • All the wastes of the tannery are treated in a sophisticated biological treatment plant.
  • At Erdoğan Deri, all production processes are in compliance with ISO Quality Standard.

At our fur workshop located in İstanbul / Kazlıçeşme, we design and produce sheepskin boots, accessories, and medical fleece products. We offer our products to our customers under the brands Pegia, Cool Moon and Sheepy Care. Thanks to the fur factory owned by Erdogan Deri, we can present products of unique design and top quality to our customers as we can easily have access to furs of different structures and hundreds of different colours.


We produce the sheepskin boots collections of our brands Pegia and Cool Mood, the popularity of which is increasing every day, at our own workshop. We are capable of exporting each pair of shoes manufactured in our workshop to several countries across the world from America and China to Siberia and South Africa thanks to our dynamic team, out competent shoemakers, our cutting edge machinery and our boundless enthusiasm from the first day.


derimarket_20220706125047_16571010477094.png is an e-commerce, which we developed with a safe and easy shopping oriented approach for our customers, and where the collections and genuine leather products of our brands are presented to the end-users at top quality and fair prices. In addition to the special collections of our Pegia and Cool moon brands, hundreds of other products from Sheepy Care medical fleece to leather decorative items and leather accessories are available on Our journey, which started with the motto “The first and leading Leather Market in Turkey!” continues growing and expanding with satisfying international sales figures.
In Cool Moon boots, which we designed by drawing inspiration from the beauty of the moon, you will feel the warmth of premium quality fleece and top quality materials that we use in production. With hundreds of colour and lace combinations, Cool Moon boots are an essential aspect of famous bloggers’ winter collections. If you want to both protect yourself from the cold and stand out with your distinguished style, you must also make room for Cool Moon boots in your wardrobe! You can see the Cool Moon collection here.
When we launched our brand Pegia in 2007, our aim was to become an indispensable sheepskin boots brand in the winter outfits of all women who attach important to quality and naturalness, who are modern, stylish and know what they want. Starting with genuine shearling boots collection for women, this journey has expanded and become varied with summer and winter collections including products for men and children. With our ever-present enthusiasm from the first day, we are very delighted and proud to know that products of our Pegia collections, in which bring quality and comfort with style together, are worn everywhere across the world from America to China. You can have free and safe access to Pegia products from here.
Medical sheepkins produced under Sheepycare brand, and wellness products for mothers and babies manufactured from these sheepskins are used in many fields, particularly in the health sector. Erdogan Deri is the first Turkish company to product medical sheepskins in Turkey and market them to foreign markets. It has scientifically been proven that babies growing on medical sheepskin are healthier and happier, and medical sheepskin prevents formation of bedsores by 100%. To have access to the scientific articles and get more information about medical sheepskin, please visit Sheepycare website.

Social Responsibility and Ethics

Since the day we were established, protection of human health and nature is one of our priorities. We form all our leather tanning and other business processes by taking these priorities into account. While producing fleece that is harmless to human health, we also show due diligence to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

All the wastes of our tannery in Çorlu are treated in a sophisticated biological treatment plant. Paper and plastic waste from our fur workshop in Istanbul is given to recycling companies to be properly treated and reused. Pieces of leather and fur from our factory are collected and exported abroad. In this way, they do not mix with the environment as waste, which also contributes to our country's economy in foreign currency.

Erdogan Deri management and every employee in our company are aware of the necessity of taking the necessary precautions at every phase of our manufacturing processes and minimizing the negative impacts on the environment. We consider it as our primary duty to protect the health and safety of all our employees, customers and local communities, and therefore act with the awareness of protecting the environment and natural life for our future generations. We are doing more than our fair share of leaving a greener and liveable future to future generations.

Our Quality Certificates

Adopting the principle of providing top quality products and services to the customers, our company follows every stage of its production under the supervision of our Quality Control Department. We have the manufactured products tested independent test & analysis laboratories and certified in accordance with international norms and standards. Our company has certified its management system with ISO 9001 "Quality Management System" as a result of the works completed in 2020. In addition, within the framework of wholesale quality principle, our company has been entitled to ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System”, ISO 45001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management” and GHP “Good Hygiene Practices” certificates by duly completing the required processes in each field.
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